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The Root spoke with celebrant Denisio Truitt, who revealed why she shares black womanhood on Instagram.

Posted: Oct. 29 2015
On Monday, over 250 people attended Instagram’s launch of #MyStory, a celebration of women on the social media platform. Every day, women use Instagram to share their visual stories. In the process, they are building audiences and leading communities all over the world.

#MyStory seeks to draw attention to these women—artists and activists, scientists and skateboarders, moms and midwives—who are breaking stereotypes, overturning clichés, and helping others find their voice through personal and profound storytelling. Instagram celebrated the beautiful and amazing women of #MyStory with a photo exhibit at the ACE Gallery in Los Angeles, where they featured the work of some of these inspiring women.

The launch event, which was co-hosted by actress Rowan Blanchard and Instagram Chief Operating Officer Marne Levine, featured photographs from 28 powerful female storytellers. And the best part of the whole celebration? The ultimate storyteller, Oprah, shared a very special message for the attendees.

If this initiative proves anything, it’s that women’s powers are multifaceted, beautiful and worth sharing. I managed to get some time with one of the women honored, Denisio Truitt, and she explained why she was chosen as part of #MyStory, why her Instagram speaks to thousands (if not more) and how Instagram saved her life.

The Root: Who are you, and why has Instagram honored you?

Denisio Truitt: I’m a fashion designer. I have a company called DOPEciety, which I run with my partner, Michael. It started as a way for me to show my artwork on T-shirts, and it’s evolved into a full-on clothing company. But … we do events as well, mostly in the New Orleans area, but we’d love to travel!

I also have a blog that I started a few months ago with Mwende Katwiwa, a girl who lives in New Orleans, who is also of African descent. That’s actually [where] the photograph [appeared that] Instagram reached out to me about that they really liked. Me and my friend were wearing menswear-inspired outfits. It was taken by photographer danielle c. miles. It was striking to me that this was the picture they chose because I think, especially with this blog, we’re trying to delve into what womanhood is and what my story is, and it’s not a stereotypical cisgender woman. I’m excited to be a part of it; I’m honored.

TR: When you started your Instagram, what were the types of things that you posted?

DS: I joined Instagram three years ago, and about two years ago I went through a divorce, and that’s kind of the turning point for me.

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