Dispatches from Deni - July 24, 2022

I was the first grandchild in my mother's family and thus was named for my grandmother. In her native tongue of Kru our name “Enisio” (pronounced Eh-Nee-Syo) roughly translates to “nothing lasts forever”. My mother, in an inspired moment, tacked on the “D” for flair but the meaning remained. It is a daily meditation on the impermanence of things; a gift from my ancestors I carry on my journey.
The ending of things forces us to appreciate them that much more. Sure, there's a sense of melancholy and a little nostalgia but there’s also a jolt of excitement for what comes next. So it is with great reverence and joy that I announce to you that Dopeciety is EVOLVING. I am retiring the moniker "Dopeciety” and will be designing exclusively under my given name, Denisio Truitt.


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